Sunday, December 11, 2011

How long was Boehner, the RINO, in Congress & how many Bills did he co-sponsor with Pelosi? What about Newt?

John Boehner has donned RINO clothing far too many times throughout his political career, especially these last few years under Obama. Instead of remaining strong in his demands from Obama at the debt-ceiling talks, he provided Obama with a free pass with the creation of a mock Super Committee, and this is only one example.

The fact that Boehner isn’t very conservative is old news. What surprised me, was the information that Newt, who is also no conservative despite his and others claims, when measured against Boehner, is to the left of Boehner.

Boehner has spent a total of 20 years together with Queen Pelosi in the House, and throughout those two decades had co-sponsored with her 104 bills. Sounds like a lot? How do you like this? Newt had served in Congress together with demagogue Pelosi for only 12 years, yet throughout that time had co-sponsored with Pelosi a whooping 418 bills!

His chummy environmentalist ad he’d done together with Pelosi was not something out of character for Newt despite his protests that it was the “dumbest thing he’d ever done.” If the ad was the dumbest thing he’d done, what does he think of The Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989 he had co-sponsored with Pelosi, a bill which thankfully never made it out of committee?

Here’s a glimpse of the bill’s contents, courtesy of the
Daily Caller:

The legislation declared that climate change was “a major threat to political stability, international security and economic prosperity.”

The bill could also make the pro-life community uneasy with language about the availability of “family planning services” that included a declaration that, “curbing world population growth will be critical to achieving the goals.”

And while it prohibited funds from going towards “involuntary sterilization or abortion,” it doesn’t appear the bill would have prevented “voluntary” cases of abortion.

This is but one tiny example which illustrates that although Newt is NO CONSERVATIVE despite his current conservative talk. He’s been in Congress long enough for his record to speak louder than all his current glib talk, and his actions from even the last ten years are far more revealing as to what type of president he’d make, than all the speeches he has given the last few months.

It is simply mind-boggling to watch how so many conservatives have fallen for his smooth talk despite the fact that he’s often used his talent of convincing others to promote liberal ideas such as the Department of Education, gun control, and a one world government, and Bush’s prescription drug plan. He’s also used his power of speech to destroy conservative change such as Paul Ryan’s Medicare Reform Plan and Tea Partier Doug Hoffman’s campaign.

If we can all agree that Boehner ain’t a conservative, why can’t we all agree the same about Newt?

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