Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey - Team Romney: Keep On Shooting those Negative Ads ... You're Hurting Your own Candidate!

Anyone who has followed the GOP primary season this year and watched the Romney Team's nasty negativity is unsurprised at the latest developments.

Shortly after Perry had jumped into the race, he had appeared as the most threatening candidate to Romney, so they dumped millions in negative ads against him. Once Perry was overtaken by Newt, who had become the next frontrunner, the Romney team unloaded a trunk of attacks against Newt.

Although the Romney team had thrown some false attacks Santorum's way after his victory in Iowa, they hadn't thought he'd be someone they'd have to seriously contend with. However, with Santorum having beaten Romney in 3 states after Florida, 2 of which Romney had won in '08 and were expected to win once again, the Romney team has unleashed its entire arsenal against Santorum.

Romney's motto had been electability since he has no conservative record to tout. Since he can no longer play his only winning card, with the most recent Rasmussen poll showing Santorum has a national double-digit lead over Romney and an even greater gap between the two if it comes down to a 2-man race, Romney has resorted to his only option; throw more negative ads against Santorum.

The Romney Team is having a bit of a harder time, though, since Santorum doesn't have Newt's heavy baggage. Not too hard though, since they haven't gotten any issues in resorting to taking words out of context and resorting to plain old-fashioned lies.

The Santorum Team, knowing the impact those negatives ads could have, has responded; but not in the nasty personal manner Newt had. As previously declared, they remain solely on the issues, doing so in a highly humorous fashion. Since Romney's greatest playing card seems to be his ability to play negative, that too is issue-related in this ad. Sit back, enjoy, and make sure your boss is not behind you for this will have you laughing out loud!!

Don't you love Romney's foolish grin when he notices he's hurting himself? Now you've gotta watch it again! and again!

Coffee break is over :-) Back to work!!

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