About the Blog

Warning: If you came here seeking unbiased reporting you're at the wrong site!

This is a dead-honest blog where we don’t attempt to hide our conservative ideology (like most leftist bloggers do) and are proud to proclaim it at all times. 
Our goal is to catch the media acting in a one-sided liberal fashion when supposedly reporting news in an unbiased form. When the left twists the story upside-down so that it conforms to their leftist ideology, we will have the story right-side-up.  And you won’t find us creating facts just because it’s more convenient or we wish it happened that way, as the left is constantly caught doing. 

We are here so that when the 2012 and following elections roll around, voters should have the knowledge and facts to be able to make the right choice, and choose candidates that will fight for their principles and for the good of this country.

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