Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Time to Remain Silent and a Time to Speak Out

Palin, Santorum, McCain, and Schmidt

Rick Santorum is being smeared as having undermined McCain’s military record when Santorum he did was point out that McCain doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogations works. McCain denounced the last four CIA directors including the current one which all agree that the enhanced interrogations of KSM got him to reveal information which led us to Osama. (Panetta originally agreed although he now says that one can’t know for sure whether the information couldn’t have been gotten in a different manner or from a different source. I guess he doesn’t want to lose his job in this gangster government.) Additionally, John McCain disparaged Bush’s former Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s statement on how effective the enhanced interrogation had been, as false. After Rick Santorum criticized John McCain, the media bashed Santorum and victimized Santorum. Santorum is totally right on this one, however this all reminded me of a time when he was at the judgment table condemning Palin. 

Approximately two years ago, on the fourth of July, Sarah Palin announced in a press conference that she’s won’t run for reelection as Governor in Alaska and is actually ending her governorship midterm rather than remaining lame duck.  Her announcement came almost a year after the presidential campaign had ended, though she was still coming under constant attack from the vicious media, who shamelessly smeared her, her husband, her children, and her parents with the most absurd and disgusting lies. She had been the most popular governor of the United States but was continuously disrupted from doing her job because of fraudulent hate-filled ethical lawsuits against her, which consumed so much of her time and money, and so much of the state’s resources. After her resignation she went on to write a book, sold millions of copies, and actually became a millionaire, to the teeth gnawing of those that hate her.

 After her resignation, Rick Santorum went on several interviews as well as filled in for Bill Bennett’s radio show, in which he kept on demanding for a better explanation from Sarah Palin for quitting.  I then wanted to tell him the following, but didn’t have where, how, or to whom. “You know very well she’s been sued nonstop. You’re well aware of the media and their viciousness, after all I’m sure you remember how they treated you when you ran for reelection in Pennsylvania and lost with 59% of the votes. 

Rick Santorum, I’m fully on your side now and totally agree with you about enhanced interrogations, however I just felt compelled to point out the above. Regarding McCain, his criticism, unlike those of the leftists, got me so worked up because I don’t expect much of them. After all, the typical liberal lunatic never faced evil in their lives and therefore has no problem defending evil. Liberals act without any logic or common sense. Not what was or could be, only on their emotions of the moment; you’re torturing these poor, poor, prisoners. John McCain, however, has faced evil, vicious evil, unlike these “enhanced interrogation methods.” He spent five years under the Vietnamese who didn’t give a hoot to International laws or the lives of their prisoners. After facing cruelty for so many years, how can he not despise evil? How can he not agree to interrogate the most evil people on the face of this earth? The talk is of terrorists who blew up buildings from which hundreds have jumped tens of stories to their death while many more were burnt alive. Terrorists who blew up schools, school buses and cars in the midst of cities, killing and injuring innocent civilians. And John McCain came out in their defense, that it’s not our country’s principles to interrogate and that these interrogations don’t even help?

McCain has not always let himself be heard, including times when he was expected to comment on a particular story or issue. A successful Governor enjoying her family, job and record high approval rating, agreed to join his ticket as VP which led to his poll numbers to climb upwards (until the economic collapse.) His very own campaign manager, Steve Schmidt smeared her as though she didn’t know that Africa is a continent. Oh sure, every third grader knows the seven continents and he wanted we should all believe that Palin, the Governor for 700,000 people, former mayor for 7,000 people, and former Alaskan Oil Commissioner, didn’t know that. After Steve Schmidt was on “Sixty Minutes” where he mocked and ripped Palin and was actually angry when Palin named him as the anonymous source that spread ridiculous lies against her. Schmidt blamed Palin as the cause to McCain’s losing, and not the economy. McCain however, chose to remain silent.  

Now, when America is trying to extract some information from terrorists that can prevent future attacks and save the lives of countless Americans, McCain is constantly criticizing the torturing, yes torture-since when do we care about terrorists so much that I have to spend the extra couple of seconds to constantly write out “enhanced interrogation methods”? McCain felt it important to write an op-ed in the Washington Post accusing the former Attorney General in lying and our intelligence in acting Un-American for torturing terrorists. This is the very same John McCain who couldn’t bring himself to come out a single time in defense of his former running mate, to defend her children, her ethics, her honesty, her conservatism, anything! At the present time, he is willing to go on one interview after the other to ensure that every American has the opportunity to hear how opposed he is to interrogating terrorists. 

John McCain, yes there are times when one should act gentlemanly, as Sarah Palin did when she endorsed you for reelection in 2010. As a person of principle, it had been expected of you to at least say Palin is on the top of your list for 2012. Being a gentleman includes repaying a favor and appreciating good deeds others have done for you. Senator McCain, I’m not forgetting or putting down neither the years you served in the army, nor your dedication to your fellow POW’s during the years you were captured and tortured in Vietnam, but when you are wrong I feel I have to take you to task.

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