Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Shows, Softball Questions, and Bob Scheiffer

The Sunday Shows are long known to be dominated by liberal hosts who invite a disproportionate number of Democrats vs. Republicans. The Democrats, who are greater in number, receive softball opinion questions which is interrupted with lots of "Uh huh's" "right's" and "yeah's". The Republicans generally receive tougher questions, less rebuttal time, less speaking time altogether, and impolite interruptions from the host and guest Democrats.

This morning,  as in the last couple of weeks, Bob Scheiffer, host of CBS's Face The Nation, questioned Democratic pundits as to what strategy Obama can use against his future Republican opponent. The analysts discussed the weaknesses amongst the current Republican candidates which they felt Obama could best exploit, such as Romney's flip flopping.

Hey Bob Scheiffer; Have you given a thought as to what the Republicans can throw against Obama? Why haven't you found it necessary to question those political pundits about which strategy might be best for the Republicans to use against Obama? Have you chosen to ignore the flip side of your question because you're quaking in your boots since there's an endless stack to use against him?  Or are you still living in Obamaland dreamland, inebriated with the cool-aid, and thus see nothing negative whatsoever that can be played against Obama, save for the race card of course?

Whether majority of the left is oblivious or pretending to be so, they will be in for a rude surprise to see just how deep the anti-Obama sentiments run in the rest of the country.

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