Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Act has Obama Done Which Outshines his being the 4th best President in this Nation's History?

It is customary for every prestigious newspaper, magazine, and website to declare a person and event of the year.

Being that this is the first time time we've reached the end of the year period after opening this blog, naming our first “event of the year” carries extra importance.

After much careful contemplation and serious indecision we decided that since the year was filled with way too many award-deserving moments, we will present an original twist to the same-old tradition. In addition to an “event of the year”, which in itself took endless deliberate deliberation to the extent that the final results were available only on New Year's, we will present “the most significant moment of Obama's presidency.”

Some of your eyebrows surely shot up at that since he's still got over a year in the oval office until his first and hopefully last term is up. However, we can continue with the naming of the most momentous moment, since 2012 will consist of one extended campaign stump for the Obama team. Besides, we are confident enough that nothing his administration will accomplish nor any event that will occur will be large enough to overshadow our selection.

The event we chose has brought great benefit to the entire world, environment, and the United States of America. It unified conservatives and liberals alike as they watched the event unfold with awe.

No, it is not the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden, for that is not an Obama accomplishment. Osama's death was a military accomplishment despite the fact that Obama is constantly taking credit for the success of the mission. The only aspect of the riddance of Bin Laden that Obama can be credited for, is honoring the murderer with a Muslim ceremony prior to his body being dumped into the sea, although he tried to keep it a secret.

Similarly, Obama's bow to the king of Saudi Arabia and to other Muslim leaders have not made the mark since it oddly angered conservatives and offended the other world leaders who received a mere handshake.

The return of Churchill's bust was a close finalist, yet it too did not hold up to the rigorous standards since it surprisingly irked those sensitive British folks.

Obama's haughty “I won the election” to McCain during “bipartisan” talks almost won the award, but we've settled with a happening which was not too much humbler and that has also taught the American public and all of humanity an important life skill.

It was a typical Tuesday, June 16, 2009, Obama was in the midst of an interview with CNBC's John Harwood discussing some nonsense such as the economy when an unexpected intruder suddenly appeared. The uninvited guest had slipped past all security personnel and remained unnoticed until he had appeared within striking distance of Obama, president of the USA. Obama, noticing the intruder, paused mid-sentence, and in one lighting-quick motion
Obama attacked and killed the enemy with his bare hands! He then nonchalantly turned back to the interview while the corpse lay on the White House carpet, only to pause once again to congratulate himself on a job well done.

The heroic act of President Obama and his swift deliverance of death to … the pesky fly … quickly spread across the world, causing rippled effects of shock and awe. Hundreds of thousands sat and replayed the scene, fortunately captured on camera, open-mouthed at the speediness and accuracy of his swat while exhaling with relief that the encounter with the loathsome creature hasn't cost the country trillions.

If you've watched this video anywhere less than 365 times, it's time to watch it again!

Oh, and for the event of the year? Why, that 's the creation of “Attack Watch” by the Obama Administration, where the first bipartisan president has made snitching on your enemies more fun than ever. He thus unified liberals against conservatives while receiving an effort-free money-free list of all who dare oppose “the One.”

Surely something so phenomenally stupendous deserves the Event of the Year Award, don't you agree?

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