Monday, February 27, 2012

Busted! Two Serial Liars Team Up! Ron Paul giving Romney a free pass in Virginia despite them Two being the only Ones on the Ballot

During the current GOP primary we have been “blessed” not with one but with two utter fraudsters who lie with an ease beaten only by Obama.

The first guy has lied on just about every issue and enumerating them would be far too numerous. Why, just during the last debate in Arizona he spouted numerous lies in response to almost every question. In the span of a short exchange about his record on social issues alone the number of lies he's said is mind boggling.

Romney replied to a question whether he required for religious institutions to provide contraception – something that's contradictory to their religious beliefs – that it was voluntary, yet his response had been exposed thereafter as a flat-out lie. Although Romney boasted a few short years ago that he wished his Romneycare would be implemented nationally, he's adopted a new tone during the campaign saying that Romneycare was perfectly constitutional under the tenth amendment. That too has been debunked since although it might not violate the federal constitution it has been discovered that it violated the MA constitution. Romney's lack of regard of the MA constitution is not a one-time incidence. He's done the same when same-sex legislation was on the table.

If all of this is not enough, here's the absolute kicker: Santorum informed the audience at the debate last Wednesday that he had scored amongst the top five Senators graded by the NTU and that he was the only one of the top five to hail from a blue state - the other four were from deeply conservatives states. Romney, desperate to prove his supposed conservatism and outdo Santorum, shot back that he had been pro-life as the governor from the blue state of MA.

His statement was shocking to anyone who is familiar with his record and had watched the previous debates. Up until this last debate Romney had admitted having been a pro choice governor but explained it away with the reply that he had a change of mind and became pro-life. Perhaps the temptation for a thunderous applause in conservative Arizona was too great and caused Mitt to cave in despite it eliminating the slightest suspicion that his replies are honest. Here's the Planned Parenthood questionnaire Romney had filled out in 2002 with responses that cannot be considered pro-life by any stretch of imagination.

One needs to provide even less of an explanation regarding the fraudulent nature of the other guy, Ron Paul. There is no way one can condone Paul's lies regarding his support for the truthers, his race-baiting and antisemitic newsletters, and his statement that he wouldn't have intervened during World War II despite the 50 million people who were killed with such brutality including millions of Jews and other ethnic groups who were targeted solely because of who they were.

These two obvious fraudsters are denying all talk of an inside deal between the two. It is very simple, however, to see past their false responses and whether there's any truth about an alliance between the two. Here's how:

If Ron Paul would truly desire to win at least a single state, the easiest state would be one with only him and Romney on the ballot, as is now the case in Virginia. How does one go about reaching a victory? Paul would have to support Romney's competitor in the primary in Michigan so that a weakened Romney with no momentum enters Virginia. Furthermore, the sensible act for Paul would now have been to spend his millions in ads against Romney in Virginia in order to bring him down.

This would be similar to Santorum's strategy prior to Missouri where only he and Romney were on the ballot. He invested lots more energy, time, and money in Missouri than in the other states because he wanted to prove his point that he could beat Romney when it's down to a two-man race.

The facts of the day: Instead of Paul shellacking Romney in Virginia or helping Santorum in Michigan, the contrary is true. Paul has pounded endlessly on Santorum, Romney's main rival in Michigan, and hasn't created a single ad to rip Romney in Virginia where it's a two-man race between the two of them. furthermore, a study has discovered that throughout 20 debates Paul had attacked Romney ZERO times yet attacked Romney's competitors 39 times with Santorum attacks totaling 22 out of the 39 attacks! Surely these are all “coincidences.”

The 2012 campaign has revealed that a double standard exists not only the mainstream media, but also in the center-right conservative media. Romney has been able to get away with repeated lies by debates on just about every topic and not one media outlet has found it newsworthy enough to report it, including Fox, Politico, Daily Caller, Hot Air, and Drudge. This free pass has also been extended to Romney's buddy, Ron Paul. Therefore, Mitt's false ethic complaints against Newt remained unchallenged. Similarly, Ron Paul's recycling of false quotes from a George Soros funded group against Santorum, that Santorum was the most corrupt member of congress, was either repeated or ignored by the media but not fact-checked.

It's therefore up to “we the people” to search for the truth, expose these phonies, and educate voters about the candidates' true records for otherwise no one will do it.

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