Monday, March 5, 2012

Romney Endorsers Ignore his 4-Year Governing Record in Massachussets

It is fascinating to watch more and more politicians come out and endorse Romney as his momentum builds and without a single exception they fail to include in their support for Romney the slightest mention of his governing record. They will tout his electability, organization, private business record, and so on, yet totally skip over his political experience despite it being the basis of his presidential run.

The presidential elections are about electing a future president; someone who will lead the country in the proper direction. Someone who will govern by putting the interest of the people before their own personal interests or the interests of their friends and donors. In observing and studying one's prior behavior as a politician, one can glimpse a very real image of how that individual would govern on a larger scale.

Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts is so awfully and horribly terrible even his most ardent supporters and endorsers refuse to touch it. In addition to having created his signature-stamp RomneyCare which forced individuals to either purchase health care or face a fine, he also forced religious institutions to provide contraception despite it being contrary to their beliefs! These are outright violations of the basic G-d given freedoms which the constitution demands the government provide protection for all people!

Romney also repeatedly raised taxes on hard-working already overtaxed MA residents, supported Planned Parenthood, and signed the legislature which changed the definition of marriage which had been around ever since mankind was created. He also failed to take any definitive action to crack down on the increasing number of illegals in his state, resulting in illegals having found employment in his very own home!

Although the Romney endorsers tout his business record as the symbol that a Romney presidency will create economic growth, the state of Massachusetts under Romney's leadership ranked 47th in job creation! This once again is proof that although Romney may have been successful in the business world – a world where one is supposed to put their own interests first – he was an absolute failure in the political world – a world where the interests of the people are supposed to be of first and foremost importance.

Mitt Romney's failure to distinct between the business world and the political world is precisely why he was a disaster of a Governor who didn't even bother running for reelection since his chances were nil. Instead of removing unnecessary burdens places on job creators and employees, Romney's entire focus consisted of creating additional connection to corrupted Washington officials so he could receive federal funding to provide payback for his cronies.

Let's not make the same mistake the people of Massachusetts have made in 2002! Say no to Romney – the Governor who did no good!

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