Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is Trashing Conservatives & Conservatism the only Role Romney can Play in this Primary?

If anyone has thought that Romney's 15 million dollars in negative ads per state, or better yet, that outspending his rivals 12 to 1 - on TV ads alone 6 to 1 – was his only venue in which he overwhelmingly focuses on negativity of others, then boy were you wrong.

Skimming through the twitter-lines of the majority of known reporters and media figures, one notices amongst the tweets of almost every single reporters' constant reports of the contents of yet another Romney email which they've received. It seems that their inboxes are spammed almost hourly with loads of pure trash against his rivals (excluding Paul of course.)

Does it stop here? Of course not! Negative ads and emails are only an indicator of the entire Romney campaign objective. Prior to the primaries/caucuses of each state, the Romney team arranges for the Romney surrogates in that state to record robo-calls, go on interviews, and call press-conferences with the media in which they spew vitriolic hatred filled with twisted facts against Mitt's opponents. It's actually pretty comical to watch at times, since the endless negatives only serve as a stark reminder that Romney has got absolutely zero positive incentives for why the American people should vote for him.

Never, not even once throughout this long and drawn-out primary season, has Mitt Romney shown any passion, enthusiasm , or excitement for even a single specific conservative idea or reform. The farthest he's gone in offering “specifics” regarding conservatism, was the mouthing of the usual and cheap talking-points such as that his administration will cut taxes and remove unnecessary regulation etc. Although it's a smart move from Romney since we all know what he sounds like when he goes into specifics – just think of RomneyCare – it once again highlights his incompatibility with the conservative candidate we so desire.

Does Romney not have even a single conservative idea he can discuss and promote? It sure doesn't seem like it. Furthermore, when pondering why this is so, the only answer is pretty depressing – since Romney wasn't, isn't, and probably won't ever be a conservative. This leads to an even greater question; what are conservatives to do if Romney wins the primary? In every single issue which we will want to criticize Obama, the Democrats will throw it right back into our faces for Romney had done/supported the same!

Since their truly is no answer to this question and many conservatives will indeed refuse to defend Romney, we must double our efforts in preventing Romney in becoming the nominee. It's time to put personal preferences and notions of the perfect candidate aside, for otherwise we will end up with the very worst. Second-best or third-best is still far far better than last or one-before-last. Instead of stamping one's feet in protest of the non-candidacy or weak-candidacy of one's desired candidate, one can and should take positive action to bolster the candidate who can possibly stop the Romney wreck in its tracks before it is indeed too late.

If we can put the important task of stopping Romney above all else than hopefully this will be the last of the many posts on the Internet about the importance of uniting in order to derail Romney, for we will be able to grin and high-five each other across our keyboards with victory in our possession. It may sound impossible or like a dream, but at this stage of the game it is definitely still possible and worth our while to invest energy and time for it may indeed still become a reality.

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