Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2012; A Life or Death Choice for America

A few short years ago, Sarah Palin faced a monumental decision.

Early testing during Sarah’s fifth pregnancy revealed that her child would be born with Down syndrome. He would struggle mightily to acquire basic skills, always remain dependent on others, and would never be considered an equal to his peers. Going through with the pregnancy would mean unusual requirements of love and labor ahead to help her child grow up to be the very best he could be.

Ultimately, Palin chose, in contrast to more than 90% of women in her situation, the unpopular and more difficult of the two choices. Sarah chose life over death. And although Trig may never be fully independent, he is a human being like the rest of us thriving on and reciprocating love, laughter, and liveliness. Palin has explained that Trig has taught her how precious life is, even in less than ideal circumstances.

Life or death decisions are thankfully rare. But together, at this moment, as a nation, we face a life or death choice for our country.

The federal government has shirked its duties for far too long with senseless spending, endless handouts and a choking debt racked up with seemingly no care for the morrow. Obama and his team have treated the symptoms of economic illness by doubling and tripling the dangerous doses of spending, leading to the spreading of the disease which now affects so many Americans jobs and businesses.

The United States of America has undergone screenings and the results, as evidenced with the credit downgrade, have made it obvious that a choice must be made. Unlike abortion, the destruction of a great nation doesn’t occur through a single act; Indeed, it is more comparable to a person left to slowly bleed to death. Not taking any action will simply take the country further down the road to a slow and painful death, while furthering the current policies will quicken the speed of its decline.

The 2012 election is not just a quadrennial well-visit to ensure the health of this country. The elections of 2012 are follow-up appointments on the heels of a serious diagnosis and will require us all to make the choice between life and death for this nation.

Choosing life is often a difficult choice because of the hardships and pain necessary to extend the life and restore the person’s health. A patient whose doctor advises him to amputate a finger in order to save a limb, or a limb to save his life, will accept the diagnosis understanding that although extremely difficult and painful, one can learn to live and laugh with a prosthetic limb. Leaving the problem untreated, although it might appear to be the less drastic option, will lead to his demise.

The doctor’s orders may seem horrible and cruel to a clueless observer, but to all who are aware of the patient’s condition and the alternative, the doctor’s orders are a sign of hope for future life.

Medicare, Social Security and all other entitlement programs will be gasping for breath not too far down the road if left untreated. Continuing to lead this country in the current direction is equal to heading for a slow and painful death. The professionals warn us that a choice must be made. The Democrats choosing to blame the S&P and the Tea Party for the credit downgrade appear as ridiculous and as foolish as a patient that blames his doctor for his illness.

While the liberals are partying with future generations’ money, turning a blind eye to the bleeding economy, it is still possible for
someone to step in and apply a tourniquet on the gushing spending. Conservatives are aware that the doctors haven’t yet given up hope. (S&P is pleading with us to cut spending!) If we downsize the federal government and deregulate the choked private sector, the economy will return to its robust self and our credit rating will once again return to its highest levels.

When putting one’s life into the hands of a surgeon, a patient does his research carefully and searches for a trustworthy and experienced doctor. One wouldn’t trust someone who had merely passed his medical exams but would demand someone with actual experience. When choosing who should take over the reins of this country in 2012 we must remind all patients to personally do their research carefully, not trusting the media, and to opt only for someone who’s not only passed the test with flying colors but has actual life experience.

Sarah Palin has chosen life in the past. She lives her choice every day, is proud of it, and has no regrets although it’s not easy. Palin raises Trig with love and joy for the life he represents.

Governor Palin too has chosen to improve the quality of life of her state at a time when no danger was visible. She cut spending, created a surplus, and used those extra funds to pay down unfunded pension obligations and forward-fund education.

Sarah Palin is thus the only candidate who is capable and ready to lead our country through the difficult times ahead as we go through necessary cuts in order to once again return to a healthy, vibrant, and pulsating economy. 

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