Friday, August 5, 2011

Wow! The Huffington Post actually caught Fox News in the Act! Or, did they?

Huffington Post and Media Matters have displayed on their front page – for all to see -- their blind hatred to Fox News which overpowers all their senses and mutes all signals existing within their skulls for all to see.

This morning, as I turned to the internet for a political update, I met screaming headlines about Fox News host who admitted they’ve kept back punches at Sarah Palin because she’s a contributor to their network.

Wondering which of the hosts admitted to something sounding very difficult to believe as true, I clicked into the headlines seeking an answer to my surprise. Huffington Post named the hosts as Greg Gutfeld, a Conservative comedian who hosts Red Eye on Fox News at 3am and is part of the co-hosts at The Five which replaced Glenn Beck, and Bob Beckel, a liberal Fox News contributor and another co-host to The Five who bashes Palin and Conservatives at every occasion possible.

I clicked on the video, as you can all do at this link, and saw the two Fox News employees as panelists on the 5pm show. Monica Crowley, one of the co-hosts, questioned the other co-hosts including Gutfeld and Beckel about their opinion of Palin’s performance on Hannity, another Fox News host.

Gutfeld, after giving his opinion on the matter joked how he dislikes being questioned about Palin because he always feels forced to respond positively as she’s a co-worker and he’d feel awkward bumping into her in the hallway after he badmouths her. The entire room burst into laughter since Gutfeld the comedian defends her quite often because he’s a staunch conservative and their shared ideology and his remark was clearly and obviously a joke.

Perhaps one can give the benefit of doubt at this point of the video to Media Matters, The Huffington Post, and all others who reported the news with glee and joy that in their lightheadedness at having found the perfect gottcha against both Fox and Palin which are from the top enemies on their list, they simply didn’t pick up on the laughter, the fact that he’s a comedian, and his light tone.

The video however continued with Beckel joining the banter responding that Gutfeld defends her not out of awkwardness but out of fear for his paycheck. Beckel then “admitted” that he too usually pulls his punches, though of course not today. His comments were met with loud guffaws especially visible from Gutfeld at whom the camera then focuses. The clip ended with Beckel then going back to the topic on hand and mocking Palin for her comments on Hannity.

After finishing watching the clip, there’s no way anyone in their right sense of mind can take their words as spoken in a manner suggesting the audience should be taking their words literally. The clip could actually be used to determine an individual’s ability in picking up basic social cues.

Now I’m not suggesting the entire Huffington Post, Media Matters, and rest of the liberal blogosphere who pumped the news (yes-Politico is part and parcel of the liberal blogosphere) as socially inept in their inability to pick up on basic tone, facial expressions, and audible visible laughter. No. What it does prove, is the leftists overwhelming hatred towards Conservatives, Fox News, and Palin which causes them to purposely distort the facts in order to spread their hate to others not yet struck with PDS.

And their update a full five hours later saying they were informed it was a joke is unrelated to having had their eyes opened to the truth. It was updated since they’ve already reached their goal while ignoring the truth any longer would expose their intentions of purposeful distortions while pretending to seriously believe it’s the straight plain truth.

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