Monday, August 8, 2011

Does Obama's Math differ from the rest of the World's?

Obama, the brilliant law professor and graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School has created amongst many other  great achievements, a new Math.

No matter what mathematical equation is placed before him, Obama plugs into the variables positive figures for his programs. When his solution is marked with a big red "x" by the public and experts, Obama changes the equation so that his response remains in the right.

Obama declared his health-care bill as a deficit reducer although it's increasing entitlements with tremendous proportions thus raising spending with trillions of dollars. To straighten out the math, Obama set the start button for spending several years down the line so that until the spending kicks in nothing is spent. Proper math indeed!

Obama's team has now announced that the S&P have miscalculated and are short two trillion dollars. How about looking into Obamacare and your other great achievements? Sorry to burst your bubble but credit ratings also include future spending, and don't include phony savings.

The Spender-in-Chief has shelled out trillions of dollars in his endless deficit reducing programs, but alas. For some odd reason instead of shrinking our debt, it ballooned out of control with several additional trillions of dollars in debt! Gee, imagine where we'd have been without Obama's world-saving efforts. 

Why, we'd  still have our AAA credit rating and a booming economy!

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