Sunday, August 28, 2011

Biden Reveals the Truth About the Pro-Choice Movement

The pro-choice movement, which is mainly comprised of liberals, is a false description of their true narrative. Although they claim to promote freedom of choice, in reality they stifle the choice of many with the spread of misinformation and outright lies.

Biden’s remarks in support of China’s one-child policy shook up all freedom-lovers causing the White House to quickly issue a statement expressing their opposition to the one-child policy while Biden called it “repugnant.”

Their statements however are a mere cover-up and their actions prove to be supportive of the Chinese actions.

In addition to his current comments, Biden voted in 2000 against an amendment for a non-binding resolution condemning the one-child policy despite having been made aware of the details of Chinese atrocities. Obama reinstated funding for the UNFPA although it has been found to be complicit in the one-child policy in China.

The lies of the pro-choice movement start from the very top but are far not limited to them.

Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice agencies are known to push those seeking their advice to abort their unborn child. When women such as Sarah Palin chose life for their Down Syndrome babies, the pro-choice crowd reacts with undisguised contempt for the pro-life “choice” which was made.

The term “family planning” is an intentional misnomer. A family is defined as a group consisting of parent(s) AND offspring while family planning groups promote aborting unborn children. Although the left constantly denies the true intentions of family planning services, here and there they slip up and reveal the truth.

Pelosi unwillingly admitted that the family planning agencies are a fraudulent phony cover for the promotion of abortions. She defended the hundreds of millions of dollars originally inserted in the stimulus package for increased family planning services with the following:
“Well, the family planning services reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.”
Biden, like most on the left, prides himself of his pro-choice stance, although he understands the Chinese policy. With her above statement Pelosi admitted she’s pro-abortion and not pro-choice as she usually considers herself. Same is for Obama who expressed his support for the increased funding to family planning centers. Actually, same is for majority of those who claim to be pro-choice. Why does the left have such difficulty proclaiming their true stance as pro-abortion with the same conviction pro-lifers tout their ideology? Perhaps deep down in their hearts they know how wrong their positions are?

Funny how the very same individuals whose battle cry is “freedom of choice” oftentimes oppose the notion of choice, and not only in regard to the choice of life. It’s a movement which makes choices and then tries to shove their decisions down our throats. They “advise” us which foods to eat, when to turn off our lights and the types of cars we should drive.

These pro-choice leftists also oppose and have outlawed in many states the death penalty, thus limiting the choices available to juries when meting out judgment against a cold-blooded murderer. They attempt to force upon us all environmentalist laws which strip citizens of their choice regarding the actions they wish to take (if any) to save the planet.

When one acts contrary to the choices they’ve made for the people, such as following through with a pregnancy, they attack the choice that was made.

Biden’s comment in China once again revealed the liberal mentality of only supporting choices which are aligned with the liberal ideology. While many mock Biden as a gaffe machine and whose lack of intelligence is evident as soon as he opens his mouth, his words were simply an honest moment of the left. The left is not pro-choice. They are pro-abortion.

Biden is your stereotypical liberal with one minor differentiation. He’s never mastered rule number-one in the liberal handbook for dummies:
“Never express your true thoughts in public.”
Biden therefore unintentionally provides us with the rare image of what the left truly respects.

This article was cross-posted at Conservatives4Palin.

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