Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Joe Biden has issued a replacement for the word "Terrorists"

The Obama administration has already dropped many dangerous terminology coined by the Bush administration and by Webster’s Dictionary and replaced them with new peace-inducing terminology.

The war on terror was switched to “Overseas contingency operation”

An act of terrorism is now called a “man-caused disaster”

Additionally, the Obama administration no longer considers detainees in Gitmo as “enemy combatants.”

The only dirty word that has surprisingly been left intact has been the naming of an individual as a terrorist. It wasn’t a major cause of concern for the Obama administration since terrorists ceased to exist…except when they resurfaced in the Tea Party.

Following the storm that erupted after Joe Biden, who happens to be the vice president, and many other Democrat leaders called Tea Party members terrorists, a replacement for the “t” word was needed.

At last, Biden has discovered the perfect substitute!

Listen to this clip of Biden at AFL-CIO Rally: 

All right, for those of you who simply can’t bring yourselves to listen to Uncle Joe here’s what Biden said in reference to the Tea Party “terrorists."
“You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates”
Isn’t calling those you disagree with “barbarians” rather than terrorists so much more noble and civil?


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