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Two Tall Tales about Two Governors

Two governors, two records, two polar opposite treatments.

One has been characterized by the media and the establishment as a great conservative and successful Governor who has been credited for everything positive that occurred in his state, from new jobs to low tax rates, with nary a mention of any of his failures or flaws. Many conservative websites also chose to ignore the left-leaning actions the individual has taken and crowned him as “the conservative candidate who can win” without a care to his past record.

The other governor was constantly falsely depicted by both parties plus the media as lacking positive policy, while ignoring her impressive gubernatorial record and her state’s economic boom during her governorship because of impressive steps she’s taken.

Although the distortions of these two Governors may appear for many as the straight facts, that’s because of the loads of misinformation that have been spread about them have washed over the facts. It is known however, that one can’t fool the people all of the time. Indeed, the time of falsehood has begun to fade away while the truth has started to emerge.

At the debate this past Monday, Rick Perry was challenged over his leftist-leaning positions including the Texas DREAM Act which he supported and signed, his executive order for the Gardasil vaccinations, and his relationship with Merck which is the maker of Gardasil.

Although some conservative sites continued to ignore or twist the topics in defense of Perry’s actions, the facts have now become available to millions of conservatives and Americans who’ve either watched the debate or saw it the next day on any of the major news sites.

Perry supporters have defended Perry’s support of the Texas DREAM act which gave illegals subsidies for education by comparing Perry’s actions to Reagan who had provided amnesty to millions of illegals yet is still considered a conservative by all.

Isn’t there a consensus amongst conservatives that Reagan’s act of amnesty was a trial which has failed since the borders have remained open despite promises of the left that it will be sealed shut? Once it has already become clear and obvious to all conservatives the flaws of amnesty why would Perry want to try it once again especially in light of the fact that Perry opposes a wall along the border?

Perry has also been crowned as a successful job creator and economy builder although the deficit has doubled under his watch and jobs only increased with 1% while having increased 4% under Bush’s leadership.

During the debate, Perry boasted of his state’s economic success didn’t go unanswered. He was taken to task by a fellow Texan, Ron Paul who reminded him of the increased taxes Texans currently face while the Texas deficit has doubled. Perry’s attempt to employ the overused excuse, that the large volume of people moving into Texas is proof of his greatness, no longer did the trick. The others were quick to point out that his response was off mark since although Texas is a great state it’s despite that Rick Perry is its governor, not because of it.

The conservative state legislature overturned his Gardasil executive order despite his hysterical protests and name callings. Which other state legislature would stop their governor from mandating his will onto the people? Not too many.

Perry and his supporters defend his failed attempt to force upon the people via executive order Gardasil by holding an apology flag in one hand, while playing the compassionate card in the other.

His false statement of having received only five grand from Merck was disproven within 24 hours with the correct sum which amounts to $29,500. Not quite the same, Mr. Crony Capitalist.

Additionally, the facts that he chose to mandate the vaccine instead of leaving it as an open option for parents (as in Alaska) and that he took the route of executive order rather than a vote in the legislature should be extremely troubling to conservatives.

Mandates and executive orders, although totally legal, signal a desire for power. I’ve actually pointed this out in the past regarding Romney and his defense of health care mandates which he defended as constitutional because of the tenth amendment. If a Governor seeks to strip citizens of their freedom of choice with the only defense for their decision being the tenth amendment, it spells trouble. It is an admittance that the politician is power hungry, and is only limited because of the law of the land and/or state. Which conservative wants such an individual to take control of the country? Are we looking to further stretch the limits of government or minimize the presence of government in our daily lives?

As the Perry lies begin to crumble, so do the lies surrounding Governor Palin, though the emerging light is of a completely different nature. Despite the distortions the media has hurdled about Palin, the truth has begun to emerge with more and more individuals discovering the unbelievable achievements of Palin.

The media has replayed for the last three years the newspaper sound bite out of a six hour Couric interview of which only half an hour’s worth of bits and pieces were made public so that the average individual should walk away with a negative impression of Palin. With the same goal in mind, they pretended that Palin had said she could see Russia from her home despite the fact that not Palin, but Tina Fey, had said that foolish statement. Palin’s quitting the governorship has likewise been overused against her while totally ignoring not only the sensible explanations which forced her to take the step, but the incredible lengthy list of accomplishments she had achieved when still in office.

No mention has been made of the sound economic policies she’d enforced despite opposition from both parties, including the slashing of earmarks, the establishment of a rainy day fund, and the reduction of future debt. The mainstream media and establishment have been chewing the unelectable meme for months while ignoring her previous victories when she won against all odds against a popular incumbent Governor and a popular former governor without the backing of her own Party, unlike Perry who initially ran in an open primary and needed the endorsement of Palin in 2010 in order to keep his seat. (As for the cries of many who question how Palin could have endorsed Perry if he’s such a crony capitalist who’s involved in shady dealings, when one has to choose between a complete RINO such as Kay Bailey Hutchison and a semi-RINO Rick Perry, then Perry is obviously the better choice of the two. If the presidential primary would be a choice between those two, the Palin would’ve endorsed Perry for president. However, that is not the case!)

With the spread of The Undefeated, Governor Palin’s Facebook notes, her books and recent speeches, many individuals have been stunned at the transformation of the Palin they’ve been told about and the truth about her knowledge, record, experience, and ideology.

Despite the media lies and attacks, the truth will prevail with even some in the media having as of late occasionally made the shocking discovery of the truth surrounding Palin. The liberal New York Times ran an article recently which raved Governor Palin for here anti-cronyism, anti-establishment anti-big corporations record. He expressed open surprise at her success in working with members of both parties which were ready to take on the corruption as well as her appeal to many independent voters. CNN‘s Don Lemon and James Delingpole of The Daily Telegraph have also joined the ranks that’ve become aware of Palin’s outstanding record and her articulate and common-sense directive for the future.

Although the media and beltway crowd have written Governor Palin off as irrelevant for the last three and a half years, a CNN poll released prior to the fourth debate found that not-yet-candidate Palin came in third, almost tied with Romney. Rick Perry, who’s got the backing of the conservative media and the establishment, got a grand total of 30% of the party’s support, while Palin who hasn’t announced a presidential campaign and has been slammed by the media, the left, and the establishment, received 15% of the party’s support. Imagine what that figure will be like after her campaign is launched and millions more are exposed to the true record of Governor Palin.

The media will largely continue to spread their lies in order to promote their agenda, but the truth has begun and will continue to overcome in regard to both Palin and Perry. While Perry’s and his supporters’ bluff are being blown away with the truth about him splashed across many sites, the lies surrounding Palin are disintegrating into dust the truth shining out for all to see.

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  1. Good post. It's worse than that with Perry.

    Dems will succeed in framing Perry as a crony capitalist with no accomplishments.

    They'll point to the Texas Enterprise Fund, which essentially functions the same way the WH did with Solyndra: lend money to private businesses chosen by the Gov & his appointees on sweetheart terms.

    Further research will reveal that yes, some of those companies have folded leaving the TX taxpayer holding the bag, like with Solyndra. And yes, it was run by Perry supporters with little skin in the game.

    What's the difference between Perry's association with ThromboVision and Obama's association with Solyndra?

    And, when you look for Perry's accomplishments, there's not a lot of there there. Now, sitting on one's hands is a good job for a politician, surely Texas could have used some tax or regulatory reforms. Instead, Perry raised taxes and fees, and flirted with Vicente about open borders.

    Do republicans really think this stuff won't come out in the general election? The Redstate lemming march into the Perry camp is tragic. While I hope Perry turns out to be Reagan the Sequel, it looks like a disaster to me.

    When it comes down to it, nobody has more conservative accomplishments than Newt. Sure he has baggage, but he's not the only Republican with an ugly divorce in his past.
    (I like what Palin's been saying lately, but her decision to quit when she could be a 7 year governor going into 2012 is hard for me to overlook.)


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