Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quin Hillyer: Perry Absolutely Just Sickened Me

I'm a strong supporter of the death penalty for ruthless murderers and other hardened criminals.

As a New Yorker, the ban against the death penalty especially angered me after the recent murder of an innocent 8 year old boy whose murderer is now trying the insanity claim of course.

Nevertheless, Perry's response at the debate last night was pretty disturbing.

Quin Hillyer penned my very feelings on the issue with such clarity at The American Spectator.

I'm sorry. You can say that you will follow the law and impose the death penalty. That's fine. But to say that you have never even struggled with the idea of taking those lives is morally depraved. Sick. Despicable. Inhuman. Disqualifying. Perry sounded absolutely proud of having signed the executions of 234 human beings. He sounded almost bloodthirsty. He didn't just say it once; he elaborated about how terrific it was to carry out the laws of Texas. This is not a morally serious human being -- or at least this answer did not make him sound like a morally serious person. A man of true faith would not necessarily agonize over the final decision not to commute a death sentence, but he would say a prayer, every single time, for guidance. He would approach his decision with humility.

I am offended. And I write this as somebody who agrees that the death penalty is an acceptable punishment for heinous crimes. I'm no crusader against the death penalty. But these are human beings whose lives are being snuffed out. They too are children of God. Perry certainly didn't sound like he understands this.

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