Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The New Hampshire Union Leader Tells Us We Need a Leader – Even if He Leads us in the Wrong Direction

The Union Leader
endorsed Newt Gingrich and explained within the endorsement that although they don’t agree with him straight down the line, he’s still better than those who say whatever one wants to hear without saying their true opinion on the matter, thus taking a swipe at Romney. They lauded Newt for his “positive leadership” he has shown capable of providing and which, they informed their readers, is what we currently are in critical need of.

The Union Leader, the largest and only statewide newspaper in New Hampshire, is absolutely correct in one aspect of their endorsement: leadership is crucial and sorely lacking. However, in addition to leadership, one must weigh whether the leader will lead in the right direction. Harry Reid is a hell of a leader, but I sure don’t want him to ever be president.

It’s easier to understand where I’m heading in this article with the following scenario.

Suppose you need to travel east, have no car for whatever reason, and are given a choice between the following three drivers: The first is a top notch driver who is traveling west. The second driver is a seasoned traveler who is traveling east but insists on racing down the highway against the wrong side of the traffic. The third guy, who has recently received his driving license, will also be driving east and promises to abide all laws, stay within the speed-limit and proper lane, and be really careful.

Which one would you choose?

Any sane individual would choose number three despite the greater qualifications of the other two since one is heading in the wrong direction while the other is heading straight into the face of danger.

The Union Leader has thrown their support behind a true leader, but where has he led us to in the past? 

He’s led to the destruction of Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan. It may have taken lots of guts, experience, and leadership to brand his plan “right-wing social engineering” but is that what we are seeking? He’s led the way to "Green Conservatism" and boldly proclaimed the need to act upon global warming on a couch with Nancy Pelosi. That was speeding down the road against the wrong side of traffic while weaving between the cars rushing straight into him.

Only a leader like Newt had been capable to convince enough Republicans to vote for Clinton’s bill, The Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which placed many restrictions upon the 2nd amendment and increased the scope and power of the federal government. Newt was the leading conservative to fight a Tea Party candidate who ran in NY-23, by endorsing his opponent Scozzafava; a big-government radical who ran wearing GOP clothing.. (Perhaps he identified with her for he too has donned conservative clothing despite its clash with his interior.)

Examples of Newt’s leadership are countless though the results have often proven to be positive for the left and not the right.

The Union Leader’s endorsement of Newt should not be reason enough for a true conservative to change their mind and follow blindly. We can and should all choose a leader but one which we can trust will drive this country in the right direction.


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