Friday, November 4, 2011

Professor Jacobson: Embarrassed and Disgusted

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection clarifies why the conservatives who don't defend Cain are equal to those creating the stir and attempting to assassinate his character without any serious facts or evidence. 

Embarrassed and disgusted by the behavior of numerous “conservatives” and “libertarians” on Twitter dancing on Herman Cain’s (presumed) political grave.

Let’s sum up the “facts” as they are known right now.  Mostly unnamed people accused Herman Cain of unspecified conduct which some people who will not specify the people or the conduct have deemed “inappropriate.”  And one of the unnamed people received a piddly $35,000 severance package almost 15 years ago for unspecified conduct which included conduct unrelated to Cain.
That’s what’s known now.  Maybe actual facts will come out proving that Cain did something wrong, but those facts are not out now.
Insisting on actual facts before a major conservative politician is taken down is not “selling out our minds.”
Cain has seriously messed up the situation and his campaign with an inconsistent response and a blame game, but does this justify the gloating and pure happiness being exhibited at the media feeding frenzy?
We really are our own worst enemies.

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  1. Abie,

    I have been following your blog for a little bit right now. I like the take down on Erick Erickson. I do like this column.

    The only quibble I have is "Cain has seriously messed up the situation and his campaign with an inconsistent response and a blame game..." quote. I know you haven't written it, but... are you really sure he has not handled it correctly? From my viewpoint, he handled it well enough to save his popularity, increased his working funds, embarrassed various conservative bloggers and along the way increased his understanding of his opponents. Politico has actually outed as an organization fully on board with the Democrats with this incredibly stupid smear. No longer can it say it is neutral and independent. People now can easily dismiss them.

    Obviously, it has failed with the first "victim" caving after the National Restaurant Association magnanimously offered to let her out of the confidentiality agreement. She declined. If there was something substantial, she wouldn't have. It also is obvious that someone did organize this.

    About the blame game, well that remains to be seen. See, Romney has hired people in the past who have dabbled in smearing opponents. Seek out Fred Thompson. He has the info. Perry did hire a staffer who did work with Cain at the time this thing did happen.

    I think that by the beginning of next week, Cain will have been propelled into front place and been inoculated towards future smears.

    Like Palin, Cain is good and decent.

    They tried to get him on racism. They tried to dismiss him as inadequate and not capable. Now they tried to get him on sexual harassment. Look to see a new attempt next week.

  2. Joel,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and I'd like to hear from you in the future.

    I brought down this article since I liked the way he admonished the conservatives who focused on Cain's response rather than focusing on the unjust actions taken against Cain.

    I strongly believe that when a fellow conservative is unfairly attacked,it is the duty of all conservatives to defend him/her without differentiating between those one personally agrees with and those one disagrees with / thinks they are right or wrong for a specific job etc.


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