Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sean Hannity: I Have Never Tired When You Blasted Wright; Why Are You Tired When I Blast Al Sharpton?

Sean Hannity has expressed his frustration and weariness today on his radio show over the conservatives who are constantly criticizing the Republican presidential candidates be it regarding Romneycare, candidates' association with controversial characters, fifty-second brain freezes, and so on and so forth.

He explained his tiredness and opposition against enumerating the candidates' flaws by countering that Obama had never been properly vetted so why the scrutiny of the Republican field.

I remember listening back in 2008 to Hannity, Limbaugh, and the few others who haven't been afraid to discuss Obama's shady and non-patriotic background. I had found Hannity's constant replays and reminders of the characterless characters like Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers an extremely vital and critical part in the effort to vet the unknown and record-less Obama.

Character is an absolute requisite in order for a president to lead in a virtuous and truthful matter. In governing, one must often choose between one's personal benefit and the benefit of those who have put them into office, and politicians lacking character have caused devastating destruction to this country especially during last couple of decades.

I, and so many others, have therefore never tired in hearing about Obama's Reverend of twenty years or of Ayers at whose house he had held his first political fundraiser. It is therefore incomprehensible to me how a true conservative like Hannity, who had been one of very few who seriously vetted Obama, can dismiss the necessity of vetting our current primary candidates.


Hannity had understood the necessity of character and had focused considerably on Obama's relationships with shady individuals since those were the clearest indicator of Obama's characterless character.

Yes, it is imperative that Obama go in 2012 and this an objective which is shared by all conservatives. Thus, as in 2008, we will all unite behind the Republican nominee even though he/she may not be our first choice for we have not lost sight of the larger picture.

Now, however, is primary time and not general election time.

None of the candidates are flawless which is why vetting them is even more important. Since no one's perfect every individual must choose which flaws they are most comfortable with when casting their ballot. But if we don't vet them, how can we know what the choices truly are? We can't just listen to what the media and talking-heads have got to say precisely because, as Hannity had said, they've refused to vet Obama and aren't trustworthy. We therefore must do the work on our own and spread the word with whatever we discover.

Primary time is a time-period during which we are SUPPOSED TO VET OUR CANDIDATES and choose the candidate whose ideology and values are closest in line with our own. For me, character had been my strongest card against Obama in 2008 and has remained at the top of my list when seeking a candidate I can support in the 2012 primaries. So yes, Hannity; Newt's association, partnership, and praise for questionable characters like Al Sharpton, who is directly responsible for the murder of over a dozen innocent individuals, clearly equals a lack of character on Newt's part, as I've already discussed in detail last week in a post titled "Resist We Much...Mr. Gingrich for he's Character Assassination for Conservatism."

Additionally, although the primary season may feel like it's been going on forever for some of us, it has only seriously taken off a couple of months ago and many primary voters have only tuned in recently. Many are not aware of the ins and outs of each candidate, and it is the job of those who are in the know to spread the word.

I therefore respectfully disagree with you, Sean Hannity, and hope the discussion and vetting over our current candidates continues straight until primary day. Of course, the day after one candidate emerges victorious, be it after the primaries or after the convention, all focus must turn towards Obama. Now though, although we can't forget about Obama, we are rightfully focused at the candidates and their records.

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