Monday, June 13, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee:

Barry Rubin – Pajamas Media:

The Myth that the MSM Understands the Middle East

Patrick Richardson – Pajamas Media:

The Hidden Cost of Ethanol Subsidies

AWR Hawkings- Big Journalism:
Palin So “Irrelevant,” Media Begs For Help In Sifting Through Her Emails

Henry Payne – NRO:
Obama Goes Green and Detroit Goes Black

Andrew C. McCarthy – NRO:

Ending Medicare does not mean abandoning the elderly.

Michelle Malkin:

The Obama Job-Training Juggernaut

Evan Sayet – Front Page Mag:

Why I’m a Global Warming Skeptic

The Washington Examiner:

Union bosses come first for Obama

Stephen Stanley – Market Watch:

Death of Keynesianism?

Toby Harnden – The Telegraph:

American Way: Sarah Palin email frenzy backfires on her media antagonists

The Right Scoop:

Touching email Sarah Palin sent out about her son Trig

Ed Morrissey – Hot Air:
Where’s the warming?

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