Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"


Sarah’s Emails and the MSM’s Ride

James Lewis – American Thinker:

Barracuda Snakecharmer Sarah and the Mob

Jack Kelly – RCP:

Obama Is Spinning Mightily

Walter Russell Mead – The American Interest:

When Government Jumps the Shark

Walter Russell Mead – The American Interest:

Fanniegate: Gamechanger For The GOP?


Palin’s emails: The world’s biggest story!

Jay Ambrose – RCP:

The Texas vs. California Example

Ed Morrissey – Hot Air:

Where is the green jobs explosion?

Michael Barone – NRO:

Exit Gingrich

Donald Luskin:

Paul Krugman: The Prophet of Socialism

John Nolte:

Why John Ziegler is Wrong About Sarah Palin’s Electability


Riehl World View:
Erick Erickson's Misguided Defense Of Ziegler In Palin Attack


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