Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"
Fred Thompson – NRO:
Ideas First, Elections Second

Charles Butler – DC:

Voter ID is no Jim Crow — I would know

Ken Blackwell – DC:

The audacity of hype

Tony Blankley – RCP:

McCain Is Wrong: GOP Not Isolationist


Runaway Agency

Edward Morrissey – The Week:

A Tale of Two Political Conferences

Michael Goodwin – NY Post:

All the biased news they see fit to print

James Taranto – WSJ:

The 'Jim Crow' Lie

Ruben Diaz & Michael Long – NRO:

If the NY Senate Passes Gay Marriage, It’s Republicans Who Will Take the Heat

Victor Davis Hanson – NRO:

Obama’s Illiberal Foreign Policy

Allahpundit – Hot Air:

Surprise: ObamaCare will extend Medicaid to up to three million middle-class people

Jonah Goldberg – LA Times:

Libya and America's commitment problem

Dana Rohrabacher – Red State Diary:

Patent Reform or Patent Ripoff?

Craig Shirley & Bill Pascoe – DC:

Jon Huntsman is no Ronald Reagan

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