Friday, June 10, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"
Red State Diary:
What a Palin Campaign Might Look Like

Sarah Palin – Facebook:

Another “WTF” Obama Foreign Policy Moment*

Victor Davis Hanson – RCP:

Europe is Warning Us

AWR Hawkins – Big Government:

While Obama’s Playing Games, Who’s Playing President?

Chriss W. Street – Big Government:
The Faux Credibility of the Nobel Prize

Andrew Klavan – Pajamas Media:

Now I Am Happy

Chris Cassidy – Boston Herald:

Experts back Sarah Palin’s historical account

Zombie – Pajamas Media:

How a Teachers’ Rally Made Me Anti-Education

Doug Brady – C4P:
Pollutico: Democrat Mighty Upset That National Park Service Conducted Tours for Governor Palin; Updated

Rory Cooper – TThe Heritage Foundation:

General Motors CEO Wants Higher Gas Prices

Nicolas Loris – The Heritage Foundation:

Here Come Obama’s ‘Necessarily Skyrocketing’ Electricity Rates

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