Monday, June 20, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"

The Washington Examiner:

Operation Fast and Furious should end Holder tenure

Jay Cost – The Weekly Standard:

Morning Jay: Is Obama Another Jimmy Carter?

Allahpundit – Hot Air:

Uh oh: Romney refuses to sign pro-life group’s pledge

Moe Lane – Red State:

The Rise of the Democratic Super-Secret PACs.

Tom Blumer – Pajamas Media:
ATMs and Other Machines are Exempt from ObamaCare

Jonah Goldberg – NRO:

A Shovel-Ready Punch Line

Katrina Trinko – NRO:

Bachmann’s Tricky Ethanol Politics

The PJ Tatler:

Hey Reuters, Anthony Weiner is a Democrat

Ed Driscoll – Pajamas Media:

Who Edits Townhall?

MRC TV – Big Government:

VIDEO: Save The Economy: BAN ATMs

Chriss W. Street:

Has The FED Made America Venerable To A European Collapse?

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