Thursday, June 16, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"

Fox Nation:

Obama Blames ATMs for High Unemployment

Ed Morrissey – Hot Air:

A New Ice Age approaches?

Boston Herald:
Frank discovers ‘humility’

Reza Kahlili – Pajamas Media:
Iranian Official: ‘We Will Use Our Missiles To Protect Other Muslim States’

Michael Angley – Big Government:
Elections Matter! In Wisconsin and Everywhere

Sean Trende – RCP:
Redistricting Has Democrats California Dreaming

Rush Limbaugh – RCP:
Limbaugh Responds To Obama Joking About Shovel-Ready Jobs

Michelle Malkin:
Document drop: More Project Gunrunner fit hits the shan

Jim Hoft – Gateway Pundit:
More Hope and Change… Desperate Mother Sells Letter From Obama to Pay Rent

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