Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"
Nicole Coulter – Conservatives4Palin:
Kingmaking Nonsense And the Meaning of ‘Game On’

Scott Conroy – RCP:

Devoted Volunteers Build Foundation for Palin in Iowa

Andrew C. McCarthy – NRO:
Pawlenty’s Foreign Policy

Thomas Sowell – NRO:
Politics vs. Reality

Victor Davis Hanson – Pajamas Media:
The Philosophies of Illegal Immigration

Yonchanan Visser – Pajamas Media:
How the Dutch Gaza Flotilla Backfired Politically

J.E. Dyers – Hot Air Green Room:

David Brooks in Democratic “narrative capture”

Edward Morrissey – The Week:

Obama can't dump Biden

Steve Maley – Red State:

It’s Not Easy Going Green

Repair Man Jack – Red State:
What If What You Knew Was Wrong?

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