Thursday, July 14, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"
Michael Goodwin – NY Post:
US too dumb to know O is always right

Ed Morrissey – Hot Air:

Obama takes in $47 million in first fundraising quarter

Ed Morrissey – Hot Air:

Time only for small ball

Allahpundit – Hot Air:

Wide open: Perry finding huge numbers of top GOP donors, operatives undecided

John Ziegler:

John Ziegler: I, I, I, and again me, me, me

Jim Hoft – Big Government:

NOT GUILTY!…SEIU Thugs Cleared in Brutal Gladney Beatdown!…Update: Gladney Reaction (Video)

Andrew Malcolm – LA Times Blog:

You can forget about Sarah Palin as a Republican candidate, if you want to look silly by fall

Ed Morrissey – Hot Air:

Awww: Shared Sacrifice resolution goes down to defeat in the Senate

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  1. John,you just don't know when to quit. You are not part of Palin's "team" and there is no need for you to make any further comments about her. You are making yourself look foolish.


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