Friday, July 15, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"
Roger L. Simon – Pajamas Media:
America the Broken

Seton Motley – Pajamas Media:

The MSM’s ‘Media Matters’ Blackout

Patrick Richardson – Pajamas Media:

Gunwalker: Smoking Gun Email?

Ed Morrissey – Hot Air:

Video: Newsweek reporter laughs off O’Donnell criticism over Palin cover story

Morgen – Verum Serum:

Hey, Why Not a “Short Term” Debt Limit Extension?

Ace of Spades:

Is The President's Insistence on a Deal That Will Take Us Past The Elections an Economic Imperative, or a Political One?

Tina Korbe – Hot Air:

WH e-mail confirms a deliberate attempt to exclude Fox from interview pool in 2009

The best article I've ever seen! Watch out Palin haters – he nails your ignorance!

Ben Howe – Red State:

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