Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"
Andrew Klavan – Pajamas Media:
Just Words?

Roger Kimball – Pajamas Media:

The debt ceiling and the fifth labor of Heracles

Victor Davis Hanson – Pajamas Media:

Our Ten-Trillion-Dollar Man

George F. Will – Washington Post:

Congress stands its ground

Jeffrey H. Andersen – The Weekly Standard:

Is Obamacare the Source of Obama’s Approval Woes?

Robert Samuelson – RCP:

The Crisis of the Old Order

David Horowitz – Front Page Mag:

The Character Assassination of Robert Spencer

Bridget – Hill Buzz:

GOP Plan vs Harry Reid’s Plan

Stacy Drake – Conservatives4Palin:

The Extremism of Roger Cohen

Michael O'Brien – The Hill:

Bachmann has skipped 37 percent of votes since launching bid

Doug Powers – Michelle Malkin:

Harry Reid Favors Huntsman Over Romney

Jennifer Rubin – Washington Post:

White House stokes debt-ceiling crisis

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