Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morning Opinion Round-Up

"Thoughts with your Coffee"

Jonah Goldberg – NRO:

That's Racist

Erick Erickson – Red State:

David Brooks Gets Played

Christopher C. Horner – Big Government:
Washington Post: ‘Misinformation and Outright Lies About Climate Change’

Brett Healy – Big Government:
New Questions Arise Over Who Paid Wisconsin Dem Senators’ Expenses

Sean Parnell – Pajamas Media:
Campaign Finance Law Can’t Take a Joke

Bob Owens – Pajamas Media:

The Assault Weapons Ban: How Silly Was It? (Part One)

Tabitha Hale – Red State:
President Obama gets in touch with the little people in Twitter town hall

Repair Man Jack – Red State:
Would You Pay $7mil For Internet Access?

Cleta Mithcell – DC:

Setting the record straight on voter ID laws

Matthew Boyle – DC:
ACORN continues to receive taxpayer cash, group says

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