Monday, July 25, 2011

Shockwaves hit NYC from the liberal epicenter; Democrat Ed Koch endorses Republican Bob Turner for Weiner’s seat!

In the upcoming special election between Bob Turner (R) and David Weprin (D) for Weiner's former seat NY-9, which will occur September 13th, Turner's campaign has just received a push forward.

The endorsement from Ed Koch, a former liberal Mayor of NYC, for Bob Turner -- the Republican candidate and a true conservative is the latest in a whole lot of other reasons why Turner has a strong chance in winning the election as discussed in my previous article; NY-9: Do you really need David Weprin who used swastikas against his opponent and dumped his religious values to promote himself?

Ed Koch's endorsement for Turner also changed the election from a mere congress seat to a referendum on Obama and his economic policies. A vote for Turner is a vote against Obama and his entire political machine.

Most of us can't support him with our votes, but we can show him support through donations to his campaign, which can be done at his website right over here. Anything sent will aid and enable him to fight the Democratic political machine of New York who is out to do their utmost to destroy him.

Bob Turner can also be followed on twitter.

Stay tuned for the latest on this special election, and let's hope that the right guy wins!


  1. I think the Koch endorsement came at too high a price. Koch mentioned that Turner agreed he wouldn't support Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare reforms. If we don't drastically alter Medicare, it's going to drown us in taxes and/or debt. I'd rather Turner take the conservative position on this, even if that makes it harder to win.

  2. First of all there are simply no other conservatives or stronger conservatives available who were willing to jump into the race for such a liberal district. It's NYC after all.

    I'm a tea party conservative and have always supported conservatives over RINO's in the primaries as well as general elections. Bob Turner is conservative on most of the issues as seenin his pro-life, pro-guns and pro-small government beliefs, a rarity in New York.

    He simply made the calculation that Paul Ryan's plan is dead anyways, and passed in the house without him anyways, so by supporting cuts though without specifically supporting Ryan's plan, he can receive Koch's endorsement which will enable him to have a chance in winning in such a liberal district.

    Secondly, You wrote in your article that Scott Brown was different and should've been supported because he was the 60th vote. Brown however was far more liberal as seen in his vote for Romneycare and his current votes, while Turner is a conservative who wants spending cut and is simply not supporting cuts on two of so many government programs.

    Most importantly, there's a tremendous difference between supporting additional spending which Scott Brown and David Weprin have done, and not supporting certain cuts, as Turner has said. Turner won't stand for an increase in government spending. Additionally, Turner didn't denounce the Paul Ryan plan as Scott Brown did even before it came to a vote in the senate, he simply stated after its death that he wouldn't support it.

    I appreciate your taking the time to comment, though my opinion on the matter varies from yours.

  3. Looks like I'm eating a bit of crow: Turner came out in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment and vouchers. Even with his Medicare stance, it's definitely worth the extra effort to help out someone willing to vote for BBA.

    I'll be honest, I got a little worried last week when he said he'd be fine with increasing tax revenue by closing loopholes as part of the debt deal.

  4. I too was excited to hear he favors both BBA and vouchers.

    About your concern about loopholes and raising revenue, I've done an article recently about why liberals are the true loopholes supporters. I therefore support the flat tax, so that all will pay the same amount on each dollar, whether rich or poor, and that the smaller the government the less loopholes exist. As I point out, Obama's healthcare waivers are the largest loopholes in our history, which went to his cronies and union guys.

    here's the link:


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